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When he suspected her of becoming too close to a family friend, he flew into a rage and threatened to cut her throat — ‘I will slaughter you like an ox’ — or have her sent to an asylum.Il Duce, of course, considered himself free to take other lovers, including a French journalist, Countess Magda Fontanges, who wore silver fox furs and antelope skin shoes.Claretta loved to hear details of his sexual encounters with other women. It had, he told Claretta, put him off sex with foreigners.He explained to her that the fake countess — real name Madeleine Coraboeuf — ‘was one of those awful corrupt women’ who spread rumours that any man who refused their advances was homosexual or impotent. Meanwhile, the ‘Countess’ published a description of their encounter in French newspaper, Le Matin, claiming Mussolini had been in such a hurry to remove her undergarments he ripped them, and the sex act was over so quickly she didn’t realise it was done.Four years later, he abandoned her to wed beautician Ida Dalser, who was three years older than him.

A young woman who worshipped him, but who was not immediately available for sex, was a novel experience.

He received numerous such propositions by post every day.