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The only lights in the building emanated from two ground floor windows on the far left hand side of the house.

All other windows, both at this level and on the three storeys above, were merely black rectangles against a slightly lighter background of stone. It wasn't as if the night was cold; in fact the air still retained much of the sun's heat from what had been a pleasant late spring day. It couldn't be that she was nervous about breaking into country houses under the cover of darkness. Shrugging off this strange, fleeting sensation, Cathy returned her attention to the task in hand; namely to get into the building, acquire whatever valuables she could lay her hands on, then take her leave before anyone realised that she had ever been on the premises.

Adjacent to this, a number of outhouses, including a stable block, had been added at a later date.

Set in more than a hundred acres of mainly wooded countryside, deep in the heart of rural Suffolk and more than a mile from the nearest village, Shackleton Grange retained an air of mystery about it.

The fact that all was still, drew her to the conclusion that she had not been spotted thus far in her journey.

Taking the small torch from her belt, she shone this up at the darkened panes above her, until she thought she spied a gap between glass and frame in the corner of one first-storey window; a mere sliver which suggested that this particular casement hadn't been closed properly.

Ahead of her was a wide, unbroken vista of long grass, which she would have to negotiate to reach her goal.

With no cover to shield her from the view of anyone who happened to look out of one of the numerous windows directly in front of her, Cathy knew that this part of her plan was the most dangerous.

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It didn't take long to locate what she sought; a stout drainage pipe that disappeared into the darkness above her only a few feet to the right of her intended goal.This consisted of a snugly fitting black spandex cat-suit, footed and gloved, which formed a skin-tight covering from her neck downwards.A hood of the same hue and material completely covered her head, except for the small apertures cut out for her eyes, nostrils and mouth.But whoever they were, they must be extremely rich, Cathy reasoned, to be able to have bought, and then maintain, such a vast estate.

And it was this wealth that had acted as an incentive for her coming here tonight.

For a second or two, she held her breath, listening intently in case this disturbance of the clear night air had alerted someone to her presence on this precarious ledge.

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