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In 1779, they were also employed making mackerel nets for sale.When the poorhouse Commissioners became responsible for maintaining local highways, paupers were reported to have been harnessed by ropes to muck and water carts and used as town scavengers removing animal dung and refuse from the streets.It was also poorhouse policy that orphaned or deserted children could be placed to learn a trade with local businessmen.The meaning of the word 'local' was sometimes rather stretched — in 1805, a large group of children from the Brighton poorhouse were dispatched to Lancashire to work in the cotton mills there.A further £10,000 was allocated for the new building which was designed, after much competition, by London architect William Mackie.The building work was carried out by John Cheesman, a member of an extensive family of local builders, carpenters and manufacturers of cement. Churchwardens Edward Blaker, Robert Ackerson, Richard Bodle.His replacement was Mr Samuel Thorncroft, who had held a minor position in the old poorhouse.A workhouse rule-book of 1822 included the inmates' dietary: It was anticipated that bread and any vegetables in season would be included and adults could have a pint of beer with their dinner and another with supper when cheese was being served.

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It measured some 24 inches by 18 inches by 10 inches and had been dug up on the site. In the yard were a corn mill, a whiting manufactory, and workshops for dressing flax and carding wool.They were joined there by Mr Baldey, the parish surgeon, the new matron Mrs Harriett Dennet, and Mr. The latter remained only a few days and then inexplicably left the post.His successor, Mr Nuttall hardly lasted any longer, for after remaining for only about 5 weeks for some reason he was dismissed by the Guardians.A separate infirmary building had been added to the site by 1850.

On 12th September, 1822, twenty-seven inmates were transferred to the new workhouse from the old Market Street building, followed by a further seventy-three over the following two weeks.[Up to 1834] [After 1834] [Staff] [Inmates] [Records] [Bibliography] [Links] Early poor relief in Brighton (or Brighthelmstone as it was formerly known) began in the early 1600s with the erection of some almshouses on the site of the former chapel of the Convent of Saint Bartholemews.

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