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24-Dec-2017 16:20

Shcool painted on Drake Road leading to Southern Guilford High School on Monday, August 9, 2010, in Greensboro, N. (AP Photo/News & Record, Joseph Rodriguez) **MANDATORY CREDIT*** " data-medium-file="" data-large-file=" w=600" class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-2297" alt="Whoops" src=" w=300&h=200" width="300" height="200" srcset=" w=300&h=200 300w, w=150&h=100 150w," sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" / Sure, you could put any one of these sentences in your dating profile, or you could just write “I hate puppies.” Or “The Beatles were fucking hacks.” Or “My biggest problem with George Bush was that he could only serve two terms.” If there is one thing internet daters hate, it’s a typo. Because I don’t think a couple of typos is really that big of a deal. NEVER LEAVE THIS SITE.) For a lot of people, it’s a deal breaker. If you write “its” instead of “it’s,” your ass is out the door. Now, admittedly, regular readers of this site will know that I am fond of making a typo or two. There’s almost certainly going to be typos in this article about typos!Helen Mirren My first professional acting job was on ' Boss'.

Not so much from the point of view of pronunciation and grammar.Disadvantaged students need extra attention, a stable school environment, and enough teacher creativity to stimulate their imaginations. Bill O'Reilly It is really important that focusing on things such as spelling, punctuation, grammar and handwriting doesn't inhibit the creative flow.When I was at school there was a huge focus on copying and testing and it put me off words and stories for years.Rotimi There's this whole new grammar Twitter skill set that I do not possess. I never tweet, and when I do, it's about some sort of sporting event that I'm watching.

Grammar and punctuation -- they should blend like salt and pepper, Facebook and Twitter, or love and romance.With all the tools available to us, such as spell check on our computers and mobile phones, one would think we'd easily pass the netiquette test so our email etiquette would be picture perfect. Computer software programs don't always know the context of the communication.