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In November a petition applying for an Act of Parliament for enclosure of the Bury St Edmunds town fields was considered in the House.Landowners needed to maximise their efficiency in the face of falling prices, and it would be the common users who would have to give way.The malt house, which still stands today in a derelict state, was not added until 1851.In 1813 Charles Lowe, a prosperous miller at Ixworth, leased Pakenham watermill and its 40 acre farm from the Leheu family for £130 pa.As farmers got less money for their crops, they could not pay the wartime levels of land rents, and also tried to reduce their production costs by reducing farm workers' wages.Agricultural depression meant misery and economic Depression on a wide scale.He replaced it by new roads which skirted the area which he wished to reserve as Ickworth Park.

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The day ended with a bonfire and the burning of an effigy of Bonaparte. Often a local tradesman or an ex-soldier, would be licensed by the Bishop to teach children in his home.

This new round of land enclosure would put further pressure on the rural poor, and alter the landscape of the countryside for ever.