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Everyone knows what a great talent Hank Azaria is - and I have known of Kathryn Hahn's stunning performing skills since they gave her the "A" storyline in an episode of that coroner's office series in which she played a supporting character.I have always imagined they may have regretted that since she completely eclipsed everything else that ever came out of that fairly excellent program! So far, I wouldn't hesitate to put this up against the best sitcoms of today or of any day.

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It also identified million in funding for groups that defended campaign finance regulations, including significant cash from liberal billionaire and Koch foil George Soros.They are clear impediments of political speech." For the Kochs, was Cato an ideological enterprise or vehicle for self-interest? Avowed libertarians, the Kochs control a vast empire of heavily regulated companies that would undoubtedly benefit from less government intrusion.Coloring the political system red instead of blue has practical, financial implications for the Kochs, who overwhelmingly support Republican candidates and causes.The nation's campaign money system largely stood unchanged until 2002, when Congress passed the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act — commonly known as the Mc Cain-Feingold Act, named for its two Senate sponsors.

The law curtailed a variety of political activities and included a ban on unlimited "soft money" contributions — corporate and union cash — given to political parties.Related article: How Slamming Campaign Finance Laws Helped Greg Gianforte Get Elected Funds underwriting the legal campaigns to shape how money influences politics come from individuals, corporations, unions, foundations and family trusts of all sizes.