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19-Sep-2017 10:32

The improvement occurred in mass spectrometry techniques (MS) allows the establishment of the precise lipid composition of biological extracts. However, to fully understand the biological function of each individual lipid species, we need to know its spatial distribution and dynamics. These are definitively exciting times for membrane lipid researchers. MALDI mass spectrometric imaging of lipids in rat brain injury models. Once considered just as the cell membrane building blocks, the important role these lipids play is steadily being acknowledged.

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Images reveal and verify what many lipid researchers had already shown by different means, but none as convincing as an image: each cell type presents a specific lipid composition, which is highly sensitive to its physiological and pathological state. MSI would be the equivalent to immunochemistry or fluorescent microscopy techniques for the study of the spatial arrangement of molecules with the great advantage that no probes or labels are necessary (Stoeckli et al., 2001).

Hubbard has made one of history’s greatest contributions to mankind.”Ms.… continue reading »

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