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A Hokuto Shinken successor can also resist attacks on the pressure points with the Hikō Fūji (秘孔封じ, Pressure Point Sealing), copy techniques after witnessing them only once with Suieishin (水映心, Water Reflection Spirit) and use Tōki (闘気 Fighting Spirit), an expert user can often radiate Tōki from his own body as an aura (Tōki no Aura, or Fighting Spirit Aura) whilst focusing it for attacks.

It can be used to launch ki-based attacks that can be used to strike targets (even tiny ones, like the Keiraku Hiko) at long range, or, to defend the user from attack.

Toki is from the Land of Shura, and along with Raoh, is orphaned and adopted by Ryuken, who is seeking a student to train.

Although he originally doesn't train Toki, Toki shows incredible potential, and he is made to promise that he will stop Raoh if he falls down the wrong path.

Consequently, he hides his head by wearing an iron helmet and a section of plating over the disfigured portion of his face to control the constant pain it produces.

Harboring a severe hatred for Kenshiro, Jagi was the one who manipulated Shin into betraying Kenshiro.

The protagonist of the series, Kenshiro is the youngest of the four Hokuto brothers and the chosen successor of Hokuto Shinken (北斗神拳 Big Dipper God Fist).

This martial art makes use of the opponents' 708 Keiraku Hikō (経絡秘孔 Meridian Channel Hidden Points, also known as simply Hikō, tsubo or pressure points).

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Raoh is a true power house of destructive force, being the his technique is the "Hard Fist" style of Hokuto Shin Ken.

This martial art makes use of the opponents' 708 Keiraku Hikō, also known as tsubo or pressure points.

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