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Bring home the same revolutionary 3D surround sound used in premium movie theaters, with the ability to create an overhead soundfield to deliver a dramatically expanded sonic space.What's more, a future firmware update will enable the AVR-X1300W to decode DTS: X soundtracks, for full compatibility with all current 3D sound formats.The AVR-X1300W provides for two subwoofers: positioned in different locations, they will even out the low frequencies, for more accurate bass anywhere in the listening area.Using the HDMI CEC (consumer electronics control) functionality provided on some Smart TVs, it's possible to control Denon receivers with the TV's remote handset.The latest immersive surround sound system, DTS: X features similar object-based audio coding, and provides for overhead speakers to deliver a stunning surround sound experience.

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That generous current also means the AVR-X1300W has the ability to drive even lower impedance 4ohm speakers on all channels.

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